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Multiple entry visas for nationals of the People’s Republic of China

Immigration New Zealand has announced a new visa scheme for people from the People’s Republic of China, starting on the 8th of May 2017.

Five-year multiple entry visas may be granted to nationals of the People’s Republic of China who want to travel to New Zealand as tourists, to visit family or for business.
However, each application will be considered for the grant of a five year visa on its own merits, taking into account such things as the length of time an applicant wants to stay in New Zealand, the date of the expiry of the applicant’s passport. Visas will not be granted for a period that exceeds the validity of an applicant’s passport. As with all visa applications, there is no guarantee that a five-year visa will be granted for any particular application.

However, this visa may not be right for your purposes for travelling to New Zealand. If you intend to stay in New Zealand for visits of more than one month at a time, rather than for short term visits over a five year period, a single entry visa rather that a multiple entry visa would probably be better for you.

If you are granted a five-year visa you will generally be allowed a stay in New Zealand of one month on each visit. However, visitors are limited to a stay of 9 months in any 18 month period. If you have visited New Zealand several times over an 18 month period, those visits cannot be for a total of more than 9 months.

The cost of the five-year visa is the same a the standard visitor visa fee – NZ$165 for an online application or RMB¥895 for a paper application.

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