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Who We Are

Mrs. Sushan McDowall LLM (Hons) is the Principal Solicitor at Lim McDowall Immigration Lawyers in Hamilton, New Zealand. Sushan is a highly experienced immigration lawyer, having specialised in this area for most of her career. She has helped countless individuals and families get the most appropriate visas for their wide-ranging situations and circumstances, and provides a clear pathway for clients through the complexities of New Zealand’s immigration law. As a practicing lawyer, Sushan has had significantly more training than most licensed immigration advisers, and is bound by the regulations and high standards of care stipulated by the New Zealand Law Society. Beyond immigration, Sushan can assist with drafting legal documents, document certification, and providing general legal advice. Sushan, although New Zealand-born, appreciates the nuances and challenges of coming from a different culture as her parents immigrated to New Zealand in the 1970s. Sushan understands the difficulties and stresses of immigrating to a new country, and one of her key goals is to make the process as clear and smooth as possible.

James McDowall is the co-owner and Practice Manager of Lim McDowall Immigration Lawyers. If you have any questions about the firm itself, please email

The firm is also assisted by a number of admin staff and interpreters.

How does an immigration lawyer help?

The services offered by an immigration lawyer are greater than that of a licensed immigration advisor; lawyers bring additional expertise and have an understanding of the law and its intricacies. At Lim McDowall Immigration Lawyers, our services include:

– Consulting with individuals/families and developing a tailor-made immigration plan
– Applying for the best possible visas on behalf of clients, including residence and work visas
– Assisting with New Zealand citizenship
– Writing appeals to the Immigration & Protection Tribunal
– General immigration advice

Why choose an immigration lawyer to handle your application?

  1. You will not save money by using a licensed immigration advisor; it will cost you more, in fact.
  2. You want the best chance at a successful application, and lawyers have a comprehensive understanding of the law in a larger context.
  3. Lawyers provide a complete service to clients; if you are moving your family to New Zealand they can also help with property, drafting legal documents, document certification, and providing general legal advice
  4. Lim McDowall specialises in representing clients in their immigration matters. This means that we make it a priority to keep up with the changes in a complex field of law that has such a profound impact on someone’s life. We provide a professional service and peace of mind in taking care of your entire visa application for you.
  5. Lawyers are regulated by the New Zealand Law Society. To check whether a lawyer has a current practising certificate go to this page and type in the lawyer’s name
  6. You cannot receive immigration assistance or advice from a person who is not a practicing lawyer, licensed immigration adviser, or someone exempt from licensing. If you do so, your application will likely be refused by Immigration New Zealand.