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The requirements for the Skilled Migrant Category were changed on the 12th October 2016. This policy may change again, so if you would like us to lodge an application on your behalf, please contact us as soon as possible.

Skilled Migrant category

The Skilled Migrant category is for people who have qualifications and skills that are needed in New Zealand. This category starts with a points based assessment where points can be claimed for whether you have a job offer in New Zealand, qualifications, work experience, age, etc.

The first step in making an application under the Skilled Migrant category is to make an “Expression of Interest” where a fortnightly selection process will pull out candidates claiming 160 points or more. Next, the selections will go through a verification process, if successful they will be issued with an “Invitation to Apply for Residence”. We can help you with this process.

Applying for residence under the Skilled Migrant category is a long process. It can take from 6 to 12 months (or a lot longer if your application runs into difficulties).

Contact us to discuss whether you would be able to apply for residence under this category.

Residence from Work category

Applications for residence under this category fit into three sub categories:

  1. Holders of a work visa granted under employment by an accredited employer
  2. Holders of a work visa granted under the talent (arts, culture and sport) category
  3. Holders of a work visa granted under the long term skills shortage list

Each sub category has a different criteria to meet before you should consider making an application for residence. Contact us for more information and to discuss your circumstances.