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Reasons why you should choose a lawyer to manage your application process:

  1. The cost is very similar to the average licensed immigration advisor
  2. You want the best chance at a successful application, and lawyers have a comprehensive understanding of the law in a larger context.
  3. Lawyers provide a complete service to clients; if you are moving your family to New Zealand they can also help with property, drafting legal documents, document certification, and providing general legal advice
  4. Lim McDowall specialises in representing clients in their immigration matters. This means that we make it a priority to keep up with the changes in a complex field of law that has such a profound impact on someone’s life. We provide a professional service and peace of mind in taking care of your entire visa application for you.
  5. Lawyers are regulated by the New Zealand Law Society. To check whether a lawyer has a current practising certificate go to this page and type in the lawyer’s name
  6. You cannot receive immigration assistance or advice from a person who is not a practicing lawyer, licensed immigration adviser, or someone exempt from licensing. If you do so, your application will likely be refused by Immigration New Zealand.